Kaylea Hepburn      Team: "Itty Bitty Titties"
Kaylea's been obsessed with horse racing since she was a toddler. She started her career path in veterinary medicine but decided that deep down she'd rather be a jockey, so she left vet school and headed for Olds College and its gallop program. Later, after winning her first race at Northlands, Kaylea was hooked. Now she is working toward her own horse farm near Century Downs.  

After work, Kaylea has always ridden every night to stay fit in the hope that one day she'd be able to race at Century Downs on a Thoroughbred. We're glad to make her dream come true ... and we're thrilled that she's raising money for breast cancer research through CRINA while she's at it.
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These riders are On-Track-To-Beat-Breast-Cancer
and looking for your support.

1 out of every 9 women will face breast cancer
during her lifetime.
These riders want to help change that.

100% of the money you pledge goes to breast cancer research
as directed by CRINA* ... and you get a tax receipt.
Please pledge as generously as you can!
*Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta
Twylla Bensmiller       Team Name:  "Purple Heaven"
Twylla is a 39 year old single mom. She has been in the sport of horse racing her whole life. Her dad, Tommy, trained horses. As a little girl she dreamed of becoming a jockey but as she got older she started to grow and soon realized that jockeying was not in the cards for her. She got her pony license on the B track at the age of 14. That led to a galloping license, which eventually saw her follow her father and become a trainer. 

This last winter Twylla made the hard decision to quit training so she could have a more stable life for her son.  They have a beautiful home in Calgary now, but Twylla misses the track. 

Twylla's mother has beaten ovarian cancer, which makes this race extra special for her because breast cancer is not one cancer. There are a number of different breast cancers, and if we learn how to beat even just one of them, that knowledge will transfer over to other cancers as well.
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Terry Roncin   Team Name: "The Lethbridge Oldtimers"
Although born in Manitoba, Terry considers himself an Albertan as this is where he has spent the majority of his life. Terry became an exercise rider right out of high school, which was back In the 70’s. Claiming to be a late bloomer, he didn't become a jockey until the 90’s. 

Terry rode professionally from 1990-2003 and has 599 win pictures from his riding career. He’s hoping, with the C Cup Classic, to win photo number 600 to add to his collection.

Back in 2015, Terry rode in the Rocking Chair Race, which was held at Rocky Mountain Turf in Lethbridge. He’s done some riding this year so he still has it! He will be bringing a ton of experience to the C Cup Classic. He’s looking forward to taking part in the race and supporting this very worthwhile cause.
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Kirsty Luft Nault      Team Name: "Olds College"
Kirsty Luft-Nault is no stranger to raising money for breast cancer research through horse racing. This is her third charity race, as she has previously raced in the two Powder Puff Derbies in Edmonton.  

Kirsty will be representing Thoroughbreds racing in the C Cup Classic and will be riding for Team Olds College where she is an instructor with the racetrack programs and helps teach both the Groom and Exercise Rider courses. 

Kirsty has been involved with horses her whole life and in a number of aspects of the horse racing industry. Her broad range of experience started as a groom before becoming a pony person, exercise rider and then a trainer. She has also been an owner and breeder of Thoroughbred horses. 

Choosing to take part in the C Cup Classic was an easy decision for Kirsty; she didn’t even need her big sister to strong arm her into it! She looks forward to the support of friends, family and, of course, Olds College as she rides in the C Cup Classic raising money for breast cancer research.
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Michael Nault       Team:  "Old, Tired, Cranky & Ugly"
Michael Nault or “Peeker”, as most people on the racetrack know him, will be riding a Quarter Horse called Asbigastexas at Century Downs in the C Cup Classic. He’s had experience riding both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds and has been riding since he was 9 years old back in Manitoba on the bush tracks. Michael has been a groom, exercise rider, pony person and gate header ... and is also an owner/trainer.

Michael will be competing against his wife in the C Cup Classic and is one of our male representatives in the race. There’s going to be some heavy expectations on Peeker, but he’s more than up to the task. His decision to race in the C Cup Classic was based on two things:  fear of his sister-in-law and support for this very worthwhile cause.
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